We are two friends passionate about capturing moments that define your life. Arbor & co. is all about making it possible to relive those moments in high quality cinematic beauty. 

James Barlow.

Hi, I'm James! I love all things creative; taking photos, making videos and designing things. One of the things I take great joy in is coffee, you can always find me drinking great coffee and if I'm not drinking great coffee I'm probably telling Ian he should be drinking great coffee. 

Over the years I have had the great pleasure of capturing many different events, whether that is via videography or photography. I love capturing moments of pure joy and being able to provide clients with a way to remember that day or special event forever.

Ian Masters.

Hey there, I'm Ian! I'm also a big fan of everything creative, whether that's taking photos, filming or designing something. I have a degree in Television Production & have over 10 years of filming and editing experience. I have an unhealthy obsession with ampersands (incase you don't know, it's one of these - &)! Unlike James, I'm not as passionate about coffee. But if you're asking, I'll have a Chai Tea Latte, thanks. 

I've had the pleasure of capturing a number of weddings and other events and love getting to transform them into memories that last.


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